BarberApp / TimeBeauty / BookApp / FitnessTime

Terms and conditions



Micrologic S.r.l., based in Crevoladossola 28865 (VB), via Palli n. 3, P.IVA 01098320037 (below, Micrologic), through the app named BarberApp / TimeBeauty / BookApp / FitnessTime (BarberApp / TimeBeauty /BookApp / FitnessTime) provides a service (Service) to make appointments at beauty salons, barbershops or hairdresser, beauty centres and similar (Suppliers).

01. Service description

By registering on BarberApp / TimeBeauty / BookApp / FitnessTime, users can access the service and select suppliers, their performance and dates and times for appointments.

02. Rules of the BarberApp website

To access the service, users must register on BarberApp.

By registering, users accept these terms and conditions.

03. Changes to the contract

Micrologic has the right to change whenever the service and these T&C, by publishing the new version on the website In such case, Micrologic will inform users promptly with one month in advance, compared to the effectiveness of changes.

04. Limitation of Liability Clause

Service is provided “as it is”, without any guarantee of operation. Therefore, every liability to Micrologic pursuant to art. 1229 of the Italian Civil Code is excluded, on the assumption of fault or vice of BarberApp, i.e. as a consequence of acts or facts attributable to Micrologic’s conduct, including omission, which leads to an interruption or an incorrect availability of the service, definitively either, i.e. a loss of data or functionalities, which prevent the customer to provide its services to users.

Micrologic is external to the relationship between user and suppliers. Micrologic, therefore, has no responsibility neither of appointments made by suppliers nor of the quality of the services provided.

Micrologic, however, urges the user to report any misconduct of suppliers, through the specific function available on BarberApp.  

05. Withdrawal

Micrologic has the right to interrupt whenever the Service and to withdraw from the relative contract with immediate effect.

User can, at any time, delete its registration to BarberApp and withdraw from the contract with immediate effect.

06. Authentication credentials

To access the Service, user must choose, on first access on BarberApp, a username and a password (Credentials). Credentials are strictly personal, they must be kept confidential and they must under no circumstances be disclosed to third parties. User identification occurs through the unique association of username and password. User, therefore, recognises its own direct and indirect responsibility of any operation performed with its credentials on BarberApp.

07. Personal data

Micrologic is the controller of the processing of personal data of the user registered on BarberApp pursuant to art. 4 e 24 of the Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). User acknowledges that its personal data are accessible to Supplier-users, since they are functional to the provision of the Service.

08. Reports and communications

User can make reports of abuse or ask for clarifications about the use of BarberApp by writing to the e-mail address